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About us

Trixxscash do affiliate marketing for Online Dating Services. We are always looking for new affiliates and provide state of the art Features and Tools to help you get the best possible results.

We are part of Trixxs Limited Group who offer Professional Dating Software products, full of unique features. Contact us for more information and opportunities to cooperate with us.

Our mission

We are constantly working to expand our company. And always looking for new opportunities worldwide.

Our team

The Trixxs team staff is comprised of a diverse team with various ethnic backgrounds that are ambitious, driven people who use their talents to provide the best service possible.

Responsive Products

Our products are fully compatible with the latest mobile and tablet, operating systems and for a wide range of screen sizes.

Accurate Tracking

Our advanced tracking methods always keep you up to date with campaign tracking of your affiliate activities.

Monthly Payouts

Payments is one of the most important feature that affiliates are looking for. We always pay on time on a monthly basis.

Scalable for Teams

Our platform is built specifically for growing rapidly both in terms of number of affiliates and their volume of sales.


High Payouts

We operate in most lucrative offers that have high payouts. We are dedicated to offering high revenue generation payment structure.

Safe and Secure

All of your conversions will be quality checked for any possible fraud. We take all possible measures to keep all data and conversions secure.

Conversion Optimised

Our platform comes loaded with promotion materials that are conversion optimised for the offer you are going to launch and promote.

Campaign Builder

When you create a campaign, you’ll choose a campaign type, create a tracking, choose a template, and launch your own content.

User Friendly

With our platform it is easy to monitor tracking links, leads and significantly reduces workload and identifies any campaign that needs to be optimised.

Updates & Support

Having reliable support and keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your product’s security.

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